Thursday, 1 November 2007

New Co-op HQ ?

co-op map Manchester
Click photo to see the buildings identified.
Dantzig StreetOn Tuesday it was announced 'The Co-operative' might leave the City Centre,' on Wednesday we get the reaction "Manchester City council today pledged to 'move heaven and earth' to persuade the Co-operative Group to retain its headquarters in the city centre." Quotes from Cllr. Pat Karney no less, here.

The Co-operative has a big collection of buildings dating from different ages. CIS Tower and New Century House date from 1962, the Co-op Bank is from the early 1980's, I think, and the one in the picture looks about the 1890's. Yes it's a great old building but it's a museum piece.

This story will run and run, just like the closure of the CWS Biscuit Works up the road in Crumpsall, 20 odd years ago. But as ever it's always down to balance sheet commercial considerations, such is the nature of a competitive society. Better get down there and take some snaps before most of it moves to something eco-friendly in Rochdale.