Monday, 30 November 2009

Hydro Scheme For Stockport

Two hydro power schemes have been given the go-ahead in Stockport. Otterspool Weir and Stringer Weir are archimedian screw setups which together will generate over 500MWh/yr. H2oPE a social enterprise is developing the two sites for construction in 2010.

Both schemes will be owned by the community with surplus profits funding further environmental schemes in Stockport.

The schemes are to be funded by a mixture of grants, a share offer and bank loan. Share prospectus are due out early next year and there will soon be a web site for your to register your interest in receiving a copy. We will announce this when it is online.

H2oPE is funded by the Co-operative Group, Joseph Rowntrees Charitable Trust and Key Fund Yorkshire.