Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Moss Side 1950 Election History

When news is a bit short, we've plenty of history to fall back on...Poster is from the 1950 General Election, that's the disappointing one when Labour was returned with only a small majority despite getting the most votes. It was held on the 23rd February. Boundary changes which brought in the leafy districts of Whalley Range and Chorlton meant that the seat went back to the Conservatives after the 1945 landslide. It was won by Florence Horsburgh, later the first ever woman Tory cabinet minister in 1951.

The other note is the public meeting in a pre-TV age when candidates spoke in rooms to any interested electorate. The Beech Road co-op hall in Chorlton has long gone, closed 1967, but the building is still there. It's a Thai restaurant, and the upstairs rooms are flats. But back then it was a grocery store and a separate butchers next door. Both Manchester & Salford Co-op Society.