Monday, 19 November 2007

Fair Trade, Fair Isle Xmas

It's only a few weeks to go before xmas, and all that consumerism and indulgence that passes for a festive occasion. You don't want to read that. So how about some Fair Trade Chocolate Gold Coins, and didn't we all love those as kids. Produced by Divine Chocolate (fairtrade cocoa, and as ever in this blog a co-operative). Photographed in my friend's shop - Arkadash, Chorlton. It sells organic and fairtrade clothes and gift items.

Intrigued by an article in The New Statesman To Knit or Not To Knit? about real Fair Isle woolies. There is a co-operative that produces them - Fair Isle Crafts. Not sure you can buy them in Manchester, which is a pity. Reading between the lines there is a need for fair trade between a part of the UK, a mere 3 degrees north of here, 5 degrees north of London.