Sunday, 11 November 2007

Facebook Campaigns

I don't know how Facebook will be used in the run-up to the next election. No doubt someone will write some papers about it. But its a very cost effective, viral propaganda tool and can be used by anyone. Very democratic or just unrepresentitive.

One of our members John Hacking last week set up the group
"I believe John Leech MP lied about Christie Hospital and should apologise..". Link.
It has a lot more members than John Leech MP (Lib-Dem : Manchester Withington) on Facebook, surely he can't have only 2 mates.

Then there is
"Is Divi Dave the poshest pioneer?" Link.
which rapidly had 100 members in a couple of days as a reaction to Mr.Cameron's speech last Monday. It'll be interesting if the leader of the opposition will return to the subject of co-operation.