Thursday, 29 November 2007

Great Figures & Events in Manchester

A topic, not quite a debate yet, has opened up on Greater Manchester Fabians blog -
a) The most important political moments in the history of Manchester (and the surrounding area) - here.
b) The top 10 most important political figures from Greater Manchester - here. I didn't know that Gerrard Winstanley, the 17th century Digger ( they took common land to grow crops) was from Wigan until I read these entries.

You are welcome to make your own suggestions - possibly a future Fabian meeting out of all this. Don't bother being silly because the comments are moderated. There is also a recent post about Withington - John Leech MP - Facebook fiasco - here called "a fine line between success and sour grapes". In all definitely a political weblog to add to your RSS feeds.