Monday, 12 November 2007

Let's Have A Day off

Let's have it off! Community Day - the campaign for a bank holiday for Britain's communitiesPrinted in small type in little diaries are the public holidays of most countries you'd like to visit and you notice they have a lot more - Japan has 19, Turkey 14, Canada 11 and how come we've only get a mere 8. As someone who has order to goods directly from Europe I get caught out by mid-week holidays Ascension Day (France), Queen's Day (Holland), Columbus Day (Spain). Don't mention Italy - officially 12 but that doesn't include August when nothing happens.

The TUC, NCVO and others have launched a campaign for a public holiday in October. You'll have to go back to a James Callaghan Labour government in 1978 when the last public holiday was allowed. The first Monday in May as a substitute May Day. For some reason only Monday's can be holidays and elections have to be on a Thursday.

Tip of the hat to Politics To People for this news. Facebook group here.