Monday, 25 January 2010

Radical History Manchester

For those with an interest in historical topics you'd do well to check out
Radicalmanchester. Topics include Co-operatives, Robert Owen, and even very recent history from the 1990's up to almost yesterday. It's in weblog format with short articles and interviews.

AGM & some Peterloo

Thursday 18th February in the Hardy Lane Co-op Rooms starting at 2000h.
Annual General Meeting

We have Chris Mills coming to talk to us. Chris is the Co-op Group’s Ethical Policy manager but he takes a keen interest in Peterloo being onvolved in the Peterloo Massacre Campaign. So he will be talking primarily about Peterloo, but hopefully he will also be able to tell us a bit about his work as ethical policy manager.

After Chris has spoken we will have the usual AGM business – Officer Reports, election of officers and delegates.

As ever Fair Trade refreshments will be provided.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Greener Together

"Greener Together is an ambitious and dynamic project. The core focus is to engage, support and provide the means to share lifestyle changes that reduce members’ and customers’ environmental impact in the areas of energy, waste and personal transport."

Greener Together- the co-operative way is part of the Greener Living Fund sponsored by Defra. Good ideas but we'll see what happens, if anything other than boxes ticked...

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Co-operative Fortnight

19th June to 3rd July 2010 will be a Co-operative Fortnight. Billed as the launch of a groundbreaking two weeks to celebrate co-operative business. June 23rd to 26th will be the UK Co-operative Congress at Plymouth, and the fortnight will finish with the celebration of International Co-operators Day.