Saturday, 26 May 2007

Venezuela Co-op Boom

Venezuela rarely makes the mainstream news in the UK but there are a lot of positive newsworthy events happening there...

"to end poverty, put poor people in charge of their livelihood. A co-op boom turns the jobless into worker/owners." - story in Yes magazine (USA) summer issue. Co-operatives are now employing about 15 per cent of the population in a country where jobs are badly needed.

Also there is a film to be released Friday June 15th "The War on Democracy" by noted journalist John Pilger. Trailer here. The elected government of Venezuela is not on the White House xmas card list, they've tried to overthrow it and failed. It starts at the Cornerhouse, Manchester on that date, and elsewhere in the UK.

Essential reading is Venezuelanalyis and the Red Pepper Venezuela Blog
100,000 co-operatives in one country!