Sunday, 27 May 2007

Film Night is On

The real meeting is in the pub, and other night the executive got the diaries out over Guinness and Magners to arrange some dates. It all falls apart after the phone calls the next day when there are clashes and double bookings...

However we've managed Tuesday 10th July for our film night. Showing trailers, clips, and short co-op films. The main feature will be footage from a 1993 features many familiar faces, many on the City Council looking a lot younger. Venue is Hardy Lane Co-op Rooms, Chorlton at 2000h and all co-operators are welcome. Also on the bill will be "Unicorn Moments" an all action 10 minute short of behind the scenes at a workers co-op - no talking heads. If we have time we'll show a 20 minute video about the Working Class Movement Library, narrated by Christopher Eccleston - it's got plenty of Labour and Co-op stuff in it. Fairtrade refreshments as usual.