Sunday, 20 May 2007

is it worth owt?

Democratic Poltics 1960When we clear out old books, pamphlets, posters & etc, are we throwing away something that's going to be worth money in the future? Maybe, but you won't know for years and then it might only be a few quid if you can find a buyer. Spotted this one "The Co-Operative Agenda for Labour, The Co-operative Party, 1995., First Edition. Printer Wrapper. Very Good. 26pp (Book ref. 6062) £ 4.00"....might still have a copy of this in my archives / junk room. Yes, it's only worth that amount if someone wants to pay that sum. Old Co-op annuals, centenary books can fetch about 25 quid and upwards...not exactly Antiques Roadshow. Even Kier Hardie, Robert Blatchford, Robert Owen, and George Holyoake material is at similar prices.

Wouldn't it be better to donate any old material to a good home, after all the people who wrote and published wanted their writings and pictures to read, even enjoyed. Ah yes it's finding that good home....The picture is of a 24 page publication published by the Co-op Party in 1960. I like those colours, not retro it's the original.