Friday, 18 May 2007

Turned Up Sent Off

Went to the Manchester Area Co-op Party EC, a small attendance, a rapid run through business...ended up as delegate to the Co-op Party Conference in September. Essentially I was the only one in the room who had never been. So all eyes fixed on me. I thought it churlish to say no. Looking forward to it, quite a few going from the Manchester Area as delegates from United Co-op Society, so if you're going too send us an email...

Quite a few activities coming up, the assistant organiser James Siddelly has been busy. He's been filling the diary into 2009. I suppose you have to when you're booking MP's. Anniversary meal in Prestwich. Why Prestwich? It's between Manchester and Bury with a tram stop. But, this was where the first Co-op Party candidate stood in January 1918 (nearly 90 years then?). Also an alternative energy meeting at the CIS (Co-operative Insurance) solar tower, maybe a bit of a close up inspection...err maybe not, might involve abseiling.