Sunday, 13 May 2007

Socialist Supermarkets?

Very intrigued by a recent very small piece in this month's (May 2007) edition of Red Pepper which mentioned a socialist supermarket in Caracas, Venezuela.... "visited a socialist supermarket in Caracas. So maybe you can combine the green and the red. In Britain we have two kinds of supermarkets that are kind of green and socialist. Waitrose and the Co-op. Neither perfect but strongly recommended over Tescopoly and Co"...

Trying to find out more but so far no results. Any info gladly welcome. Not read Red Pepper for ages. Well not since the Frontline Books (a workers co-operative) closed down. Not only has the butcher, baker and post office disappeared from the high street, so has the alternative bookshop faded from the town. However 10 GBP buys you a 12 months online edition. Highly recommended.