Saturday, 12 May 2007

Old building old institutions

Oddfellows Hall
I used to wonder what this fine old building on Grosvenor Street, Manchester used to be. Now part of Manchester University and the new big sign says "Oddfellows Hall". It was Manchester Unity Oddfellows a friendly society established in 1811. Still going, and this was them in 1915. The Welfare State (when did you last hear those words) put friendly societies in the shade but the recent Child Trust Fund has given them a boost. Who doesn't want a little tax-free savings. But it's restricted to 270 GBP a year.
Ed Balls MP speech 9th Nov 2006 at the Building Societies Association’s Annual Lunch gives some of the history of mutual financial institutions much better than I could write - link
Oddfellows Friendly Society
Liverpool Victoria