Friday, 29 February 2008

Bags of them

If there was a time for a grassroots political campaign to become legislation then that time has arrived for abolishing disposable plastic carrier bags. Let's face it we don't really need another when we've gone through a couple of dozen this month. Lots of mixed messages this week that skirt around the edges. The Prime Minister announces something is going to be done, M&S are going to charge 5p for a bag, The Co-operative have fairtrade long life cotton bags on special offer.

"The Co-operative is to run a six-week trial of home-compostable carrier bags in a bid to encourage shoppers to cut down on free, throwaway plastic bags. The scheme will run at 11 stores in Northampton."
Talking Retail

However, it's not just the issue of landfill it's the waste of resources of oil and energy to make something that''s going to be used for a couple of minutes. Customers are price sensitive, 5p is too cheap and voluntary action hasn't had enough take up, so maybe a tax of 20p per bag would change things.