Friday, 8 February 2008

Two Ministers in One Day

Kevin & Ed Balls MPPossibly what's to come over the next two years or less - Ministers popping into Withington Constituency now it's a target marginal with one of our members Lucy Powell the prospective candidate for the Labour Party.

In the afternoon there was Douglas Alexander MP, Minister For International Development. Arrived an hour late due to previous engagements and traffic. But 40 or so hung on in St. Ninians, Chorlton to listen. Then followed some tricky questions from the audience, but you have to hand it him he knows his stuff.
In the evening it was a fund raising dinner for Lucy's campaign in Didsbury. The Co-op Party, as you'd expect chipped in with prizes and support. The highlight was Ed Balls MP (Labour/Co-op). Now I've been to many dinners like this but never one with the guest speaker going round every table to meet everyone. Hand shaking and a few relevant words - it takes some stamina to work a room of that size and then do your speech with a few funny stories thrown in.
Picture is of Kevin Bennett, from the Co-op Party in Warrington and Ed Balls MP. There are a few other Photos (11).