Sunday, 17 February 2008

Tories Back on the Co-op Trail

We're expecting an announcement from David Cameron MP about the Tories plans for food co-operatives. I notice he's speaking at the National Farmers Union Conference (2008 is their centenary year) on Monday 18th February. He's on the same platform as Hilary Benn MP (Secretary of State at DEFRA) around the subject "Farming - Politically Essential". There is an article in the Observer 17/02/2008

Good quote from Jesse Norman "There's nothing in what it is to be a co-op that places it anywhere in the political spectrum." I know we don't talk about the Co-operative Commonwealth anymore, but I'll think you'll find it near enough Socialism.

Not that you need a Tory Party handbook to set up a food co-operative. There is a story in the Wrexham Evening Leader 15/02/2008 were residents have re-launched their food co-op after it closed last July.