Friday, 20 April 2007

NM and NEC Elections

The spring edition of NM - the Co-operative Party magazine arrived in today's mail. For a political publication it's good. Normally you flit through the rhetoric, it sits around for a month before the paper gets recycled. No, it's actually readable. Stats: 24 pages, 13 short articles, crisp layout, colour photos. Contributors include Peter Hunt, Andy Love MP, Kate Elliot (Friends of the Earth), and Nick Francis (co-director of Black Gold Movie).

There are also voting papers for the Co-op Party NEC - 13 men chasing a seat, 4 women doing likewise. Well I don't know any of the candidates so I either wait for a dubious recommend of "they are quite good", or scan the biographies to see who ticks the right boxes..and voting online too, we are in the modern age.
UPDATE : Magazine available as a PDF