Thursday, 19 April 2007


Infinity Foods, a workers co-operative based in Brighton are marketing fairtrade organic quinoa. I caught up with them this week at Natural Products, the big organic trade fair in London. Their shop at 25 North Road is expanding into premises next door, they have a cafe round the corner but the big operation is sourcing and packing wholesome commodities in Portslade. They told me about the trips to Ecuador, the processing involved to make the grain fit for the plate, the various varieties and a little of the bureaucracy to obtain fairtrade status. Chalk this up one to another co-operative initiative and achievement for fairtrade. Never heard of quinoa - cooks like rice, it's a South American staple and a complete protein like soya beans. Available at On the Eighth Day Co-operative, Oxford Road, Manchester - not available in supermarkets.
Infinity Foods