Thursday, 26 April 2007

Film Works

The Co-op has a long history of involvement in film, going back to the hand-cranked silent format. Researching for the forthcoming Co-op Film Night (it will happen soon!) I came across the name Tom Crowther who is not only regarded as a pioneer with the first film adverts, commissioned by the CWS, but he probably lived in Burnage, Manchester. That might be him behind the camera in the picture. There is a brief write-up about him at Who's Who of Victoria Cinema. We may be showing a few short clips from his output, available on VHS - yet another out of date format.

The other involvement is the annual Co-operative Young Film Makers Festival held in Bradford, Yorkshire. 100 very short films over two days on Fri 12 and Sat 13 October 2007. Unfortunately there isn't an "old film makers" festival, nor any opportunity to see the best of young film makers creations except on those two days. Maybe I should do something about that.