Sunday, 8 April 2007

Co-Op Video & Film Night

The plans for our Co-operative Film evening are moving forward. There is the film footage that members' want to see because a lot of them are in it. Shot on Hi-8 tape over ten years ago, it has remained unedited and unseen since then. Now, we have access to an old Hi-8 camera the process of transferring it a short piece on DVD will commence.

The Labour Party has it's own channel on YouTube - Labourvision which attracts some hits. Well the Tony Blair 1 minute intro video has after being featured on ITN news.

Whilst we wait for a Co-operative Party channel I've started to aggregate some co-operative videos available on the web. You are welcome to join in. You can, if you sign up - it's free. Otherwise send links of interesting videos reflecting co-operative values or featuring mutual organisations. Most of the material comes from the USA so far - so more searching to give the collection are more international balance. CoOpVid