Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Answers on a postcard only

Thought I'd weigh into the local elections by pointing out the half-lies, economical truths that the opposition peddle. It says "Lib Dems Paul Ankers and John Leech MP with a local resident outside Unicorn, distributing postcards highlighting the dangers of climate change." In reality it's a brief photo opportunity. They are on a public pavement with Unicorn Co-operative in the background, they never handed out postcards and would have been told to clear off if they tried. The local resident is the son of Lib-Dem activists, he might even distribute leaflets for them. These are the same Lib-Dems who oppose any proposals that will encourage people to reduce car use or household waste. Let's tackle environmental problems with fine words but don't take local action.
You can read more about more fibs at Chris Paul's Labour of Love, including this one. Also at Chorltonparklabour including the remarkable cow story.