Sunday, 11 March 2007

Positive Co-op News

THE Old Crown pub (a co-operative) at Hesket Newmarket (the proposed summer Co-op Party / Members Group trip) will become smoke-free from Monday – nearly four months before a nationwide smoking ban comes into force. Story

Plans to set up a solar powered co-operative by residents in Guelph, Ontario (no summer trips planned). Story.

The Government of Japan 89,000 USD grant to the Blue Mountain Coffee Co-operative, Jamaica. "Japanese Ambassador Masahiro Obata said the grant will allow the BMCC to be a model of "alternate energy" and "consumption-clean energy". Link. Now I know why Blue Mountain coffee is expensive most of it goes to Japan.

In Frodsham (Cheshire) the Co-operative Women’s Guild (still going, the Guilds that used to active here have long since vanished) are fervent supporters of Fair Trade products. Fairtrade Frenzy from the blog of Sajjad Karim MEP