Monday, 26 March 2007

Co-op Members Benefits

If you are a member of a co-operative there should be some benefits attached. The proposed amalgamation of United and Group doesn't explain any of the proposed benefits. To be fair it's early days. Both Societies have different ways of rewarding their members. From the Group, I get a cheque once a year just for having insurance and some banking with them. As a member of United Co-op we receive a calendar - colour picture recipe, plus vouchers for each month e.g. spend 10 quid (GBP) and get 1 quid (GBP) off your bill. Even better vouchers are available for attending the twice yearly meetings. Both have different styles in running Members Relations, and the dividend card to accrue points for purchases. United Co-operative have recently lowered the threshold to trigger a payment to a realistic yearly spend of 250 GBP (it's easy to for me to spend 10 GBP a week in a United Co-op store as I like their wines)

It won't be the place to ask these questions at the "merger meetings" in April and May because the membership reward system will be subject to debate and the financial realities of any new Society. So, we the members won't know what 2008 will bring?