Saturday, 17 March 2007

Andy Walsh at AGM

Our Chair, Paul Murphy was at the Manchester Area Co-op Party, well he has to be - he's the Chair of that body too. Andy Walsh of FC United was the invited speaker, and I quote "was brilliant". There will be some financial help coming from the Co-op Society, and the Party - adverts in programmes, sponsoring match balls & etc.

"He was saying that FC United are the only true, football supporters run co-op. That is an I&PS (Industrial & Provident Society). He also said it was against the Football League's rules to have co-op football clubs. That can be our next campaign although he did say it probably would not be needed for a few years."

If by football miracle of six successive promotions, I reckon that would be 2011. The Football League has a long history of being against "wider" club ownership going back to 1919 when they stopped "football on the rates" with Chesterfield Municipal FC.