Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Subs price hike 2011

Bit of price increase for Co-operative Party subscriptions next year, and the year after, and maybe even the year after that. As agreed at the recent Co-op Party Conference the rates will be :
2012 : £20 (currently 2011 : £15)
2013 : £25

The first year concessionary youth membership will £5. No figures for other concessionary rates but it is very possibly £5, up from £3.

Our own finances are robust thanks to recruitment and retaining members from earlier years. There will be some who will choose not to renew. The new Parliamentary boundary changes will mean some members will transfer to neighbouring Co-op Parties. But we are far from heading to a low ebb. There is one thin silver lining from having a ConDem government is that it invigorates the opposition to campaigns and activities. Hey, that's us. We're not going to sit back and hope things will not be too bad. If you can remember the last time it was the Tory years it was that bad..