Friday, 21 October 2011

Robert Owen Co-op is on Twitter

Robert Owen, the father of co-operation, might have passed over in 1858 but someone is tweeting on his behalf. Bit of irony in that late in life Robert Owen did turn to spiritualism and had contact with people from an earlier past.

@RobertOwenCoop London
I am a social reformer. Through education, and improving the living and working conditions of all, I believe we can create a fairer and more prosperous society.

Or maybe it really his him tweeting? Well no the National Co-operative Archive have owned up. It is a way to draw attention to Owen's thoughts on social reform, education and co-operation to a 21st Century audience.

Here are the links!/RobertOwenCoop

Ed Mayo Secretary General of Co-operatives UK clearly knows his Robert Owen. He recently wrote a concise article for Co-op News 14th October. The echoes of Robert Owen are in the current free schools movement. If you are interested it's worth a shufti at-