Sunday, 9 September 2007

Post Hesket Trip

Our Co-operative outing, the 10 hour round trip to the beautiful hills of Cumbria. Hesket Newmarket co-operative brewery - it's very small, micro-breweries often are, run out of a barn building at the back of the pub. The Old Crown co-operative pub - it was small but they've built an extension for the sit down knife and fork meals. The village - it's small and appeared to be populated by people from southern England who want to live the dream - described in the talk before the tour as "Brigadoon".

But a great day out. Stopping at Tebay Services on the M6 judged by many to be the best in the UK, probably 'cos it's in private hands and not a multiple. It has a farm shop with real bread, plenty of cheeses, and as ever, endless preserves in jars with quaint labels.

Photos and video to follow in a later post this week.