Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Nottingham History Booklet

90th year and a booklet covering activity around Nottingham. A short history of 14 co-operative societies in the area and how they moved towards a policy of 'direct representation' in Parliament and local government in 1917. Poorly attended meetings, eratic, reversals of policy, demands that "these devils should be shot", constitutional crises - these things happened 90 years ago too.

Read about the Long Eaton margarine outrage, Lucy Sprittles and the 'Mass Meeting of Women', the Society that threatened the Government with a local general strike, the sheep that ate the members' cabbages. And that was just one Society. Foreword by Prof Stephen Yeo.

'The Co-operative Movement in Greater Nottingham: a Journey Towards Political Representation' is available from the author, by post for £3.50 including postage and packaging from:
Christopher Richardson, 2 Devonshire Promenade, Lenton, Nottingham NG7 2DS.