Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Sort of Ethical Shopping / Voting

Interesting Conference coming up in London - UK Co-operative Forum Annual Conference, 5th December 2007. Described as "a must-attend event for anyone who has ever thought about what they put in their shopping basket." Details.

Several of us have a take on this in Withington. John Hacking one of our members coined the phrase "Social Liberal, Economic Conservative", and it's a type of consumer politics that's taking place among a section of the constituents here with it's ever changing demography. It is wider than just buying Fairtrade, but then going to Tesco or Asda for 56p a kilo bananas - a bargain, though you can't pay any banana grower a living wage at that price. It also means many floating voters who treat politics like a shopping choice. Hopefully I might be able to put a together short article with some clarity. Needs some input.