Saturday, 21 July 2007

Shop Local

Picked this up from Politics For's a spoof advert by Friends of the Earth about Shopping Local. Voiced by Alexi Sayle, the ad urges shoppers to spend a few more pounds in their local shops. As Co-op Stores are mostly small and community minded I think they are part of that fabric. Watch it here on YouTube. It's a very short animation that gets the message across without the polemic.

"Across the country independent shops are being squeezed out of business by big supermarkets - but people actually want more local stores. A new NOP survey shows that 80 per cent of the public want more local shops. And more people would oppose a new Tesco store than would welcome one." - FOE Real Food Campaign

There is one minute film competition. Make a film of exactly 60 seconds which explores how we look after our planet and use it like there is a tomorrow. Details. I wouldn't mind making a co-operative entry so would welcome some ideas and assistance. It's not co-operative if you're on your own. Emails, comments appreciated. Closing date 20th August 2007.