Friday, 27 July 2007

It's not really news

Just been reading Alan Gill's, the last President of Co-operative Congress (they voted to abolish the post at the Congress)...there is a mention of some worker co-ops in Manchester

"Even the traditional retail co-ops have things to learn from the new food co-ops like Eighth Day, Equal Exchange, Infinity, Out Of This World and Unicorn, and, and of course they have something to learn from us. And we have much to learn from co-operatives overseas. The new European Society Legislation which has now spawned the first European Society – a collaboration between co-operative organisations in Italy, Finland and Spain - surely there are opportunities here for us – perhaps linking with the consumer movement in Italy which has a national market share similar to Tesco in the UK – and surely the Pioneers would encourage us to rise to that challenge."
Full text (PDF) - quite short.