Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Co-op Party Banner

This banner hangs in the People's History Museum, Manchester. It looks better in textile than my under-exposed camphone picture. A little of it's story is a great book called "Images of Labour" by John Gorman (1985).
"The Bethnal Green Co-operative Party seems to have been formed in around 1928, though as the records are missing it is unverified. The banner of the party was unfurled by Harry Tate, the local secretary, at a small ceremony held in the Labour Party rooms in Bethnal Green Road on 4th July 1957. Presented by the Political Committee of the London Co-operative Society, the banner was subsequently paid for by the running of a football tote by the local party members....The banner was regularly carried on May Day marches in London until Bethnal Green party became part of the Tower Hamlets Co-operative Party".

This is part of a history series for the 90th anniversary of the Co-op Party. Next item will be a Manchester banner from the 1990's.