Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Barlow Moor Banner

Photo from 1988, 1989 or even later? It looks like a Chorlton Labour Party branch meeting at the Co-op Rooms, Hardy Lane, so it will be either be a shortlisting or selection meeting. A few Co-op Party members in there as well - Secretary and Chair in the centre. That's the first Labour Councillor for Chorlton 2nd right. Note the banner in the background which hung in the room for years and years. It was taken away in 1994 for the 150th Co-operative movement celebrations and is in an archive somewhere. The Manchester & Salford Barlow Moor Mixed Guild banner. Looks like a white peace poppy in the centre, can't see it being a white rose in Lancashire. Don't know if it was paraded about before being put behind the glass case.

Part of the Co-op Party history series for the 90th year anniversary.