Monday, 7 April 2008

Swipe at Co-op Party

Letter in the current issue of the Co-op News that takes a swipe at the Co-op Party. It's from Richard Balfe, used to a Labour MEP but went Tory in his old age.

"It is high time to stop this charade of Co-op Party and instead start supporting any people in politics from all parties who support the Co-operative Movement, including Conservatives, Greens, Nationalists and Liberals, though obviously not fascist parties."

"Clearly the Co-op needs to have some political influence, but this should be on non party political basis."

Not quite the line taken by the Conservative Co-operative Movement, but they've got a bit quiet so we don't know what they think of this - though Richard Balfe does describe himself as David Cameron's Envoy to the Co-operative Movement.