Thursday, 10 April 2008

Local Election Paper Pushing

The local elections are almost up us, and the leaflets are landing out behind the letter boxes all over the country. Non more so than here in Chorlton where the Lib-Dems must have issued about ten. They are a well funded group, I don't know how many fund raising dinners it would take to pay for them? Usual stuff about getting the Council to move rubbish or fix a pot-hole but an amusing one about a petition to the Stagecoach Bus Company demanding a return of a cheap bus ticket for the 85 & 86 service. Not quite a Council issue, and not something Stagecoach who have a private monopoly on the route will respond to. Meanwhile a lot of us have been helping the Labour Party by putting out the A4 with positive stories of 'Free Swimming for over-60's' and new recyling facilities.

Some local blogs - not that up to date due to election work, except for Crumpsall Labour where the leader Richard Leese is up for re-election)
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