Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Is it it fair without the logo?

The Fairtrade logo licensed from the Fairtrade Foundation certifies a product is fairtrade. But it does cost money to obtain one. Interesting article in the current issue of Ethical Consumer (No. 111 March / April 2008 - not available online though) which is an interview with Nasser Abu Farha, founder of the Palestinian Fair Trade Assocation. Their products are sold by Zaytoun in the UK and include organic olive oil, soap, almonds, medjoul dates, and za'atar spice mix. However there is no Fairtrade logo though everybody from the growers to the suppliers say they are trading fairly.

You'd be right to be very sceptical if some major corporation came out with fairtrade claims, but then by-passing the bureaucratic hoops and not paying the fees to the Fairtrade Foundation. But there can be bilateral agreements between growers and sellers which are based on fairtrade principles and prices but not carrying the logo.

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