Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Salford City Radio

At a recent co-op event I was talking to Cllr. Jim King from Salford about the launch of Salford Community Radio. Jim is a well known co-operator, well i know him, and he's doing the arrangement committee bit for next year's Co-op Party Annual Conference. He's even managed to find time to have his own radio show "King's Questions" which is "interviews with CEO’s or Senior Managers who run public services for the people of Salford, together with a selection of their favourite tracks."

The station is run as a social enterprise. There is a story about it the current issue of Co-op News..."Community radio stations are springing up all over Britain and it is vital that the Co-operative Movement gets involved" says Jim. Not sure about springing up, it took six years for Salford to get it's first own radio station.

Salford City Radio on 94.4 FM or online. Jim's show is broadcast Wednesday 1700h-1800h, repeated Sundays 1100h-1200h.