Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Quiet now until 2008

Bit of a lean spell for news to post but things are bubbling in the background....

First event booked in the diary. A showing of Black Gold film at The Blue Box Theatre in Chorlton on Wednesday 27th February as part of Fairtrade Fortnight. A proper theatre, a biggish screen and we need an audience. A co-operative effort between South Manchester Members Group, Members Relations and Withington Co-op Party. There is a short video interview with Marc and Nick Francis at BBC Film Network where they talk about the making of the film, and why it isn't a conventional campaigning movie.

Re-structuring of the Co-op Party in the North to be announced, will there still be a Withington branch? New "The Co-operative" membership cards to all former United members coming in January. Makes it easier to rack up some points to qualify for a dividend cheque every year, especially if you have some of their financial services - insurance, banking etc..