Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Half Yearly Meeting

So off we trooped to the historic Mechanics Institute in the city centre ( it was the venue of the first ever TUC in 1868 ) for our first ever, The Co-operative Members Meetings. Personally I thought it much better than the old United Co-op meetings. Maybe it was the Powerpoint presentation of bullet points of the accounts, instead of someone drawing attention to some glowing figures on page 42. It could have been the short DVD showing of the Stakeholder Report. Yes, we spotted Peter Marks (CEO) on drums at a big charity bash . There was even some footage of the Co-op Party at World Co-op Day last July - see the earlier post. It's very rarely anything with politics gets a mention at a business meeting. It wasn't all presentation there were some critical questions from the members. The loss of the Wythenshawe store in a Labour / Co-op stronghold didn't go down well.