Sunday, 28 October 2007

Football Co-operatives

Regular readers will know we often stray off into football matters, well we are in Manchester...
So reading today's Non-League Paper (£1.40 at the local co-op store) discovered a couple of co-operative football clubs that you can buy one share in and have one vote like everyone else. Your vote will even pick the team, appoint the manager and decide all sorts of actions.
Myfootballclub (IPS No. 30275R - so you can look it up on the FSA Register) has 53,000 members so far, shares and annual fee cost £35, and they are looking to buy at least 51% of an existing club, outside the Championship. Buying Leeds United is the favourite amongst the investors.

MyBUFC is a trust to buy and own Biggleswade United (it's in Bedfordshire). Costs £23.50 in shares and annual fee. Again you can vote on everyday actions like who is going to be the striker this week.

FC United of Manchester had their AGM today, couldn't go as was working. The share and annual fee is £10. You don't get to pick the team but you do decide about replica shirts and the price of tickets.