Sunday, 18 February 2007

Discuss ? The Merger

Intercepted this email from one of our members about the United Co-op & Co-op Group amalgamation, but we can't escape from the word follows, with [ ] translating the short hand :

The basis of the merger is the synergy will generate millions of extra surpluses which will be reinvested to improve the Co-op offer in order to redress its long term decline. If things continue there wont be a Co-op sector in 10 years time. Our market share in food is 4.5% and falling.
Not sure what you mean by UC is unsuccessful in extending its operations into co-op franchising - it went through a highly successful merger with Yorkshire Society and now Sheffield Society and Leeds society have agreed to merger. Peter Marks who is the CE [ Chief Excutive ] of United will be CE of the amalgamated society - he is very good.
CG [ Co-operative roup ] realise they can learn a lot from UC [ United Co-op ] member relations and UC member relations will continue to go from strength to strength.
One of the advantages of having one society, although there are others still, is that we can control the brand - we are as good as our worst shop and some societies are not so good as others.
The Co-op Party does not have an official view - personally having attended a briefing meeting for regional council and member relations people on Thursday I think it is a positive move. But come to the meeting on 5th March and find out more and ask questions. It is going to be a very open process.
Maybe we can discuss at our AGM on 28th February.