Wednesday, 28 February 2007

AGM 2007

I can safely report that the Annual General Meeting was an enjoyable meeting. Four members not shown if you're counting heads - doesn't everyone do that?

a) Chair, Secretary and Treasurer all re-elected unopposed.
b) Four delegates to Area Co-op Party filled easily
c) Delegates to Withington Labour Party are John Hacking and Geoff Bridson
d) Delegate to Manchester Central - Peter Copping.

The interesting discussion as always was on the future program for the year. Big support for a film night of clips from the past. This is now technically easy to achieve these days, now we have access to DVD burners, laptops and projectors. Home Care Co-ops, a trip to the co-operative brewery in Cumbria, carbon off-setting and a celebratory meal were some of the other ideas. You get the idea that our Co-op Branch is for political types who want to be on friendly territory. Why not? We're all in this together.

Big support for financial donations to help candidates in winnable seats this May. You get the idea that beating the Lib-Dems is a priority.

There is a complimentary blog entry "Co-op Party Divis Up Results" about the Withington Co-op Party AGM at chorltonparklabour by ever active member John Hacking.