Thursday, 18 February 2010

Mostly Peterloo & Some AGM

A small muster of hardy co-operators turned out for the AGM. Most of the meeting was given over to Chris Mills, the Ethical Policy Manager of the Co-operative Group. We heard about several diverse campaigning iniatives of the Co-operative. Tar sands, sustainable fisheries, the Plan B for the honey bee, and democracy for Burma. Then the talk switched to an update on the campaign to have a worthy memorial to the victims and events at Peterloo. Even though that happpened way back in 1819 it still evokes emotions and an anger that it has been airbrushed from history.

The last twenty minutes had the re-election of the officers and delegates, actually no elections and everyone agreed to carry on for another year. The forthcoming General Election was the big event for 2010, and there are no plans for meetings and events until that has taken place.