Thursday, 7 May 2009

Next Meeting is in town

This will be a first for Withington Co-op Party but the next meeting is in the city centre
The Euro Election Meeting
Arlene McCarthy MEP and Anthony McCaul from Hope Not Hate
Friday 15th May 2009 at 2000h
Friends' Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester M2 5NS

Euro Elections on Thursady June 4th are critical for Labour. In the North West we are hoping to return at least 3 and maybe 4 or even more MEPs (Arlene Mc Carthy, Brian Simpson, Theresa Griffin, Steve Carter or Claire Reynolds ) all of whom are Co-op Party members. The BNP do pose a threat under the proportional representation list system being used. We are grateful to Anthony McCaul from Hope Not Hate for agreeing to say a few words.