Thursday, 26 March 2009

Olive Co-ops Come to Chorlton

Chorlton's Big Green Festival on Saturday 4th April.
The Olive Co-op will be there :-
Olive Co-operative seeks to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by Palestinians, and to support those working for a just peace in Palestine and Israel. It aims to do this by three main means: sponsorship of new olive trees, arranging tours to Palestine and Israel, and selling Palestinian fairly traded goods in the UK."
There is a lot of events, food, bicycle parade, films etc... on at the Green Festival so you need to check their website.

Unicorn Co-operative Grocery in Chorlton on Sunday 5th April.
Sindyanna of Galilee will be there
"this is an organisation based on co-operation between Palestinian and Jewish people, founded on a mutual belief in equality and Palestinian right to self-determination.
Sindyanna founders, Samia Nasser and Hadas Lahav, will be offering samples of their range of high quality, popular products including extra virgin organic olive oil, olive oil soap (plain and with four blends), olive wood soap dish, za'atar herb mixture, carob syrup, baskets and artwork."