Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Cameron "Bring Back The Job Clubs"

David Cameron addressed the Social Enterprise Coalition Conference today. He does a nice line in buzz words - enterprise, more training, empower individuals - that's what all politicians do. Put me down as naive but I thought he'd be offering support for all the social enterprise / third sector organisations given that was his audience. But no it's the same story of market forces, laissez-faire and bring back the Thatcher-era Job Clubs. The last one around here met in the Tory Club on a Thursday, don't know if it was like the one in the film "The Full Monty".

Not so sure about his take on capitalism :
"So if we want to make capitalism a success again, we need to make it popular again."

"It means shaping capitalism to suit the needs of society; not shaping society to suit the needs of capitalism. And it means being clear about the social goods we want our market economy to achieve - a society that is fairer, greener and safer, where we save more and waste less, and where we create good-paying and rewarding jobs for all."

History shows that capitalism does not create fair societies with well paid jobs for all. It can do wonders but that isn't one of them.
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