Saturday, 22 November 2008

Vote Yes

At today's Manchester Area Co-operative Party a resolution was passed - urging people to vote yes in the forthcoming referendum on investement of 3 billion GBP in the public transport system and a congestion charge to be introduced in 2011. This is in line with support given by The Co-operative Group earlier this week.
Manchester Area Co-op Party believes that :
· the forthcoming TIF bid vote provides an once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve public transport in our conurbation
· the proposed improvements to public transport, cycling and walking, and greater control of our road network, will pay environmental dividends for generations to come.
· the proposed investment will provide a boost to employment in the region during these difficult economic times.

Money like this is rarely, if never ever on the table for Greater Manchester. It would a pity to not get it. As was pointed out there is no Plan B if the vote goes against the proposal.

We Vote Yes
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