Friday, 2 May 2008

Local Elections Record

It was never going to be good night nationally. Locally Sheila Newman fought off a strong Lib-Dem challenge to retain the seat with a 259 majority. This was against an unbelievable amount of Lib-Dem leaflets. I received two on polling day itself, and five in the last week, despite having two Labour posters on display. You can't out leaflet the Lib-Dems, well not unless election expenses are scrutinised. Spotted the ineffective John Leech MP on numerous occasions directions operations on the street. Must have been another quiet week in Parliament then.

Cllr. Andrew Fender (Lab/Co-op - Old Moat ward) - LABOUR HOLD
John Hacking (Lab/ Co-op - Chorlton Park ward) - LIB/DEM HOLD
Jennie Lennox (Labour - Didsbury West ward) - LIB/DEM HOLD
Tom Murphy (Lab/Co-op - Burnage ward) - LIB/DEM HOLD
Cllr. Sheila Newman (Labour - Chorlton ward) - LABOUR HOLD